Friday, July 24, 2009

I decided to try writing a "Slice of Life" today instead of sharing something from what I've been reading.

I push my chair in under the high top table at the bar and take one last quick glance toward the flat screen TV on the wall. Tigers are still scoreless in the third. Slinging my purse over my shoulder I file out of the restaurant with my two friends, thanking the hostess who holds the door open for us. As the three of us step outside into the sunshine I immediately regret not bringing my sunglasses. We continue our conversation from inside, making plans for tonight and the upcoming wedding this weekend. Outside of the restaurant we pause, still talking, still laughing, still planning. My mind drifts as I try to think of reasons why I can’t go back to work so I can continue the visit with my rarely seen friends. Although I think of many reasons, to my dismay none are plausible. I take a small step toward my car and begrudgingly admit that I have to get back to work. The three of us slowly walk away from one another, still talking. The distance between us grows larger as the volume of our voices grows louder. I open the sunroof in my stiflingly hot car and wave at the girls. I smile as I head back to my job, relaxed after a refreshing lunch with friends.

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