Thursday, July 9, 2009


I love a good grammar lesson. Call me crazy, but there's something I like about learning the proper way to write. That being said, I was less than enthusiastic when I started reading Constance Weaver's Teaching Grammar in Context. I think I was expecting something vastly different when I started reading. I was expecting more of a direct approach to telling what methods to use as opposed to a history of grammar and explanations of various studies that have been done. I understand that it's good to form background knowledge of a subject and use empirical data to back up assertions being made, but the first few chapters of this book did not make me want to read the rest. Maybe this is because I already agree with Weaver in that grammar should not be taught in isolation. I didn't need to be convinced. I also felt bogged down with the wordiness and found myself zoning out while reading. I hate when that happens!

I've decided to give Weaver another try. She speaks to minilessons and write alouds, both of which I'm sure I will incorporate into my future classrooms. As I reread, I'm definitely going to try to focus harder!

This cartoon made me laugh out loud. Partially because of the caption, and partially because the kid's name is Norton, which is the nickname of one of my friends. As I pictured him eating his ABC soup it brought a smile to my face. I figured it kinda goes with my grammar topic, so I thought I'd share.

Semicolon Soup

Cartoon courtesy of Inkygirl

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