Friday, July 17, 2009

New discovery

Let me preface this little piece of writing by saying that I am a tried and true fairgoer. That being said, I'm very set in my ways when it comes to my fair traditions. I have my list of foods that I HAVE to eat (elephant ears and corndogs don't even make the list...), and each year I set out to daily check one item off the list. Today for lunch, I was visited by my out of town coworkers, and I showed them all of the good spots for some grub. I was feeling pretty proud of myself until we were on our way out. My coworker made a suggestion as we passed a booth normally overlooked by my superior sense of fair delicacies...

“A what??”
“You heard me! A deep fried Oreo.”
“Um.. no thanks. I’ll pass.”
“Oh come on! I can’t eat the whole plate by myself! I’ll get sick…”
“Yeah… that argument isn’t really going to convince me.”
“Please please please!! I’ll buy the whole thing, it’ll be so good!!”
“No! Oreos are fattening enough. Why would I want to eat one that’s been coated with cholesterol and fried in a heart attack?!”
“Whatever… I’m buying some and you’re trying one. No arguing.”
“Ha! That’s what you think!”

Ugh. I broke down. Why do I always do that! I couldn’t let him see that I thought he was right… I can never let him win that battle! One look at those five little dough-balls covered in chocolate syrup was all it took for me to wish I hadn’t doubted him. I caved. I hold one between my thumb and forefinger, surprised at the squishiness. Probably from all the grease… Don’t think about the calories now! Way too late for that! I gingerly bite down into the fried cookie and I’m immediately surprised. WOW! I wipe away a dribble of grease that had escaped from the corner of my mouth. It’s surprisingly chewy, the way a fresh donut would be. Great… let’s add another favorite “Fair Food” to the list!

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lindsay said...

I can see the shine of the oil now. I went to a play version of "Charlotte's Web" at Hope College with my daughter yesterday. Somehow Templeton at the fairground comes to mind as I read your friend's voice... :)