Monday, July 13, 2009

Two Voice Poem

The Ionia Free Fair is coming to town this week, which makes this little blogger one happy camper (literally... my family camps at the fairgrounds). I LOVE the fair, although I'm one of the few in Ionia who do. I thought I'd try my hand at a 2 voice poem to show the difference between a child's view and a parent's view of a day at the fair.

UGH- Keep in mind that Blogger doesn't let me do 2 columns, so read the poem as if the two sections were side by side.

The free fair is in town!
I LOVE it!

ride fair rides,

eat Frazee Fries,

watch tractor pulls,

play carnival games.

Good thing it’s a
Free Fair!

The fair is in town.
Pay twenty dollars for a wristband to
ride fair rides,
pay five dollars to
eat Frazee Fries
Pay thirty dollars to
watch tractor pulls
Pay ten dollars to
play carnival games
I thought this was a

Free Fair…

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