Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back to School...

So my first day of classes was Tuesday. [insert obligatory Billy Madison 'Back to School' song here] This is the first semester where I have three classes in a row, and I have to haul my cookies back and forth across Grand Valley's Allendale campus. Whew... I forgot how scary it is when you don't know where your next building is! (Hi, I'm a college freshman, apparently)

Here's a rundown of the profs I'm dealing with:
Eng 261 (Linguistics)- First impression: I immediately liked her outfit. Navy V-neck with some ruching under a fitted navy blazer (Stacy and Clinton would be proud of the 'lock and load'), a patterned white and dark tan/light brown skirt (age appropriate grazing-the-knee length), some slingback brown wedges, accessorized with a long bronzey necklace that I immediately started coveting. Her hair was a little flat, but we all have those days, so no judgment from me. As class went on, I decided I like her. She seems really excited about linguistics and wants us students to be excited, too. She even let us play a get-to-know-your-classmates-by-seeing-how-many-weird-language-and-grammar-things-you-know/do/have-done game and she brought chocolate. Who doesn't like that? I think she may be a little nerdy (in the likes to play Boggle, Scrabble, and discus proper grammar sort of way) and she makes little jokes that only people who know grammar rules would understand, but it's kind of charming. Plus, I'm sort of convinced that I'll be like her in 20 years (flat hair and all), so I'm holding off on finding anything negative about her.

Eng 225 (American Lit from Colonial times to 1860) - Woah, buddy! This lady is a doozy. When she walked in the classroom I had to stifle a giggle as I thought abut how to describe her. First of all, Stacy and Clinton would not approve of her attire. She's probably in her late 50's or early 60's and was wearing a too-short sleeveless black dress covered in a sheer poncho. Yes, a poncho. With fringe. Seriously. Then, she hopped up to sit on the table in the front of the classroom and I saw more thigh than I really wanted to. I mean, good for her for being comfortable with her age and body and all that jazz, but a classroom of 20-somethings doesn't want to see your pasty white thighs. Sorry. Then there were the glasses. First, the sunglasses were straight out of 1982. Ok, I thought, maybe she's working the retro shades... no biggie, I also enjoy an oversized frame on my sunglasses. Then she busted out the actual reading glasses which she obviously purchased in a 1982 DOC two-for-one sale with her sunglasses because they were practically the same frames, just with clear lenses instead of tinted. Hold on tight, folks, I think this class is going to be a bumpy ride.

Eng 313 (Shakespeare, and yes, my 3rd English class in one day)- This guy is funny, but he knows his shit. He's tall and bald and I was scared of him at first. Sort of a Mr. Clean in a suit with no earring. He was dressed well with khaki dress pants, a light blue-green shirt, and a modern-ish tie. Full points from me for not wearing a short sleeve white dress shirt with a tie or bow-tie (honestly, a huge pet peeve of mine). I have a feeling he can go off on tangents, but he's good-humored and interesting about a dry subject. I'm not crazy about writing papers and play reviews, but whatever, it's a college English class so it's expected.

Random Moment of the Day: During the get-to-know-your-classmate game, a guy came up to me and said, "I need to meet you because I think you're Lindsey Leak's sister." Woah. Yeah, apparently I look like her enough to make him question our relation, and when he heard my name during roll call it confirmed his suspicions. He's a geek squad guy from Best Buy who has worked on her computer a few times. Crazy small world I guess. He seems cool enough, plus he's in 2 of my classes so I think we'll be talking a lot this semester.

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