Friday, September 4, 2009

For Erin

If you've never heard of Polyvore, you are in for a treat today! Polyvore is a super fun site where you can create "sets" of things you like. I see it a lot with wedding inspiration boards, but it can be used to create interior design or fashion looks, too. Today, I was a little slow at work so I decided to come up with an inspiration board for my friend, Erin, who is getting married next September. She's toying with either purple and bright green-yellow, or purple and ivory as colors. Here's an inspiration board for the purple/green scheme (please disregard the hideous gray bow on the purple dress...)

The great thing about Polyvore is that you can use their Clipper tool to upload pics off of any website to include in your set. This can be very addicting, so proceed with caution! I'm going to make a purple and ivory one, too. Enjoy!

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