Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Who I read daily...

I know I haven't posted in quite awhile, but please forgive me as I've been incredibly busy (and without a wireless internet connection) lately. I survived being my cousin's guardian for 2 weeks! Her parents come home tomorrow and I'm a free woman! Honestly, it wasn't too bad. We had a few issues with Ali wanting to do things she knows she's not allowed to do, and one HORRIBLE dog puking episode, but other than that it went pretty smoothly. Tonight, we're going to make homemade pizzas and visit Josh on the farm. Ali loves the farm a lot more than I expected. We were there Sunday and I turned around to see her putting a milker on a cow! Who would have thought...

Anyways, back to the topic at hand. I thought I'd share a list of blogs that I read daily for one reason or another. I'm currently following over 100 blogs on my google reader and there are definitely a few that stand out as favorites:
  1. elefantitas alegres and I take photos in the bathroom. are both written by Kate, an adorably funny twenty-something living in Dallas with an affinity for good wine, J. Crew, and ruffles (seriously, how can you go wrong with that combination!) The first link is her "regular" blog that chronicles day-to-day stuff with a hilarious spin that only Kate can achieve. The second link is to her new blog, which if you hadn't yet guessed, shows pictures she's taken in her company's bathroom. The pictures are of her work outfit that day, accompanied with a piece-by-piece description of the designer, style, and color. Click with caution lovelies, because once you get a glimpse of her wardrobe you'll be coveting every. single. piece. (especially her arsenal of accessories!).
  2. 2birds1blog is my daily dose of laughter. It seems like no matter what the topic is (ranging from bosses who overshare about their ladyparts to drinking game fridays to Meghan McCain), Meg and Chris have me in stitches with their "sardonic voice of twenty-somethings everywhere" and colorful commentaries. Check them out. Right now!
  3. Style Me Pretty by Abby Larson is my go-to blog when I'm drooling over other people's goregous weddings daydreaming about styling my own wedding wondering if I could cut it as a wedding planner doing wedding "research" for my engaged friends. There are beautiful weddings of all sizes, budgets, and styles as well as blogs by brides-to-be and a place where you can create your own inspiration board (which I may or may not have done once or twice.... or 17 times while killing time at work). Even if you're not getting married anytime soon this is a fun blog to read because it's filled with goregous pictures!
  4. Speaking of pictures, one of my favorite photgraphy blogs is bobbi+mike out of Indiana. Not only is this husband and wife team harboring some serious talent, they seem super fun and totally dig their job. Bobbi is one of those people who you see and read and you just want to be friends with because she seems like she'd be somuchfun to throw a few beers back with! Check out their amazing photography and I'm sure you'll quickly catch on to how fun this couple is! (Oh-  and how CUTE is their logo! As Bobbi would say "AYKM!?")
  5. Last but not least, WannaBe Chef is a food blog written by Amanda, who I've known for practically my whole life. Her blog has pretty pictures of food she's cooked that looks (and tastes, I'm sure) absolutely delicious! Plus, she gives the recipes, advice on different changes that can be made, and a verdict of how it tasted. I love it because the recipes don't seem to be intimidating (meaning that even with my ridiculous lack of culinary expertise, I think I could pull some of these off) and they're food I would actually eat!
So now that I've introduced you to a few new places, go check 'em out!

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