Thursday, September 17, 2009

Little Ms. Mommy-Mobile

For the next two weeks I'll be playing Ms. Mommy, sort-of. In celebration of my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary, they are in Hawaii with my aunt and uncle until October 1st. As a result, I'm staying with my 14 year old cousin, Ali at her house. Ali is a very involved, active teenager which means I'll be running her to and from driver's training (which, by the way, makes me feel extremely old because she's my youngest cousin on this side of the fam), taking her back and forth to youth group, making sure she's at the football field on time for marching practice and football games, and driving her to school every morning (we leave the house at 7:00, which is the time I used to wake up in the morning). In addition to all the running around, I've got to make sure we both get our homework done, make sure both dogs are fed and let outside, and make sure the new goats are fed twice a day. Whew! I have a feeling this will be a glimpse into my future... although hopefully I'll be out of school and have a husband to help me out by the time I have a 14 year old. So far it's gone ok...

Days getting Ali to school on time: 2 (plus one trip to Biggby!)
Days getting Ashley to work on time: 2 (actually easier now that my ass is up and awake at 5:45)
Days Ashley has remembered to pick Ali up at the appropriate time: 1 (my stepmom takes care of the days I'm in class)
Number of dog-related messes needed cleaning: 0 (hopefully this one stays at 0 because I do not have the stomach to clean poop and vomit)
Number of times I've felt old and out of touch: 7 (this number is growing at an alarming rate, unfortunately)
Number of times I've seen Josh: 1 (yeah, this is putting quite the damper on how often we get to see each other)
Number of calls to Hawaii because we couldn't get the garage door open in the pole barn: 3 (we've got it figured out now... finally)
Number of calls to Hawaii (by Ali) for some other ridiculous reason: 3 (hopefully this one stays pretty low, too)

Wish me luck!!

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sarah said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

You are so brave for taking this on! I am still scared to do it with my nieces!