Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Recap

Various things that happened this weekend:
  • I was an HOUR late to a bridal shower for a wedding in which I'm a BRIDESMAID! How does that happen, honestly? I swore the invite said 11am, and then when I looked at it Saturday morning to check the address, I noticed the 10am start time. The shower was an hour away and it was 9:50 when I looked at the invitation. Seriously embarrassing... but at least I brought presents to make up for it : )
  • My geography teacher once again does not cease to amaze me with his ridiculous "knowledge". In case you didn't know, Mexico is not part of North America, there are 4 time zones in North America, and North America was found by Pilgrims. Hmmm... not so much. Also, the Pilgrims separated themselves from England (and this is a direct quote) "using two documents: the Constitution and the Preamble to the Constitution." I actually giggled a little bit when he said that. Come on! First of all, it was the Declaration of Independence. Second of all, the Preamble to the Constitution and the Constitution are all ONE document! Wowzers... Needless to say, I've emailed the department head to see if I can test out of this class in some way. I'm dropping off my transcripts to his office tomorrow.
  • I successfully got Ali home from a football game, to and from driver's training (twice!) and youth group, and home from a marching band competition, (which I even attended, proudly wearing a royal blue Ionia Bulldogs t-shirt!). I also successfully dodged the bullet of having to decide whether to let her boyfriend (who is a senior, she's a freshman) come over to "hang out." I'm not looking forward to Friday when she wants to accompany him to an away football game. Ugh.... how do parents do this??
  • I not-so-successfully have been pumping Ali full of junk food: Subway pizza, Applebees chicken wings, Burger King, pizza, and Pepsi. Oops... it's hard when we're both on the go so much! This week's goal is to eat better meals!
  • With a lot of help from his parents and a littttttle help from Ali and I, Josh got all of the trim on his 4 barns/storage sheds/garages painted white yesterday. Now we just have to touch up the red! And cut down part of another tree. And finish the guest room. And paint the exterior of the house....
  • Josh decided to move my couch inside after storing it in one of his sheds for a few weeks. He only had 3 chairs in his living room (plus a stationary bike and weight bench. Definitely a guy thing I guess) so when people come over they often have to sit on the floor. Plus, when we watch a movie or TV (which rarely happens), there's no cuddly time : (  So, I've just been mentioning how nice it would be to have a couch inside... I had a feeling he was warming up to the idea (partially because there's a bed in my couch) but he wasn't really crazy about it. Yesterday he finally broke down and had his friend help him move it in. I feel kind of guilty because I didn't want him to move it inside just because I wanted it there. I actually wanted him to want it there, too. I'm hoping he did it because he realizes how nice it will be to have a couch and that he didn't do it just to shut me up (although when I told his mom, she said that it would make our relationship "normal" if he was just trying to shut me up... haha. I wasn't too sure how to take that...)
  • I went to a farmer's appreciation luncheon with Josh and his dad on Sunday. It was nice to see a lot of the people I grew up around at the fair or who I knew through my grandparents and parents. It was actually a fundraiser for Joanne Emmons, who is running for Secretary of State for Michigan next year. My friend's uncle was the emcee, and he was quite hilarious (Amanda - Uncle Larry has a story for everyone and everything! OMG I was dying!)
  • I was almost busted for a drive-away from the gas station. OOPS!! I swiped my card, pumped my gas, and drove away. Luckily I was stopped at a red light because the station owner came over and tapped on my window demanding payment. I told him I swiped my card, but apparently it didn't work (and of course I wasn't paying attention to what the pump said... I was in a hurry!). So I had to go inside and pay for it. People were giving me "the look", probably because they thought I was trying to get away without paying... which SO wasn't true!!
Anyways, there's a quick recap of what I've been up to the past few days. It's been SO busy and I think it's going to get even busier!!

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