Monday, September 14, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Ed. Note: I thought I posted this last week, but I apparently saved it instead of publishing. Duh. Oh- And I added a picture : )

Once again I've fallen behind on my regular blogging. Ugh. I don't have a lot to say, I guess. My Labor Day weekend was fan-freaking-tastic and I hated returning to work/class this week. Saturday I met up with the lovely Erin Jones, whose wedding I'll be in on October 10th. We had dinner in Flint with the bridesmaids and friends at a Japanese steakhouse. Mmmm I had calamari and steak. YUM!

Then I drove from Flint to Lakeview so I could join Josh and his family at the Lakeview United Methodist campground. What a beautiful place to spend a weekend!! I'll post pictures soon - (yeah... I know you've heard that one before, but I promise, pics are coming!!!) The rest of my Saturday night was spent playing cards with Josh, his sister, her boyfriend, and their cousin. I didn't think my boyfriend would be so good at Spoons (which, I've learned, is a highly competitive game. It's practically a full-contact sport!!). We slept 6 people in the camper, which was interesting. I shared a bed with Josh's sister, Ashley, Josh's parents were on the table-bed, and Josh and Jason (Ashley's bf) had the bunk beds. Being the nice host that he is, Josh offered to sleep on the top bunk, which is about 6 inches shorter than the bottom bunk. For someone who's 6'3", a bed that's 6 inches too short doesn't make for a comfortable night's sleep!

Sunday was the usual Reisbig potluck, complete with three crock pots of saurkraut and sausage. YUM!! Ohhh I ate wayyyy too much. Josh's friends Brandon and Jenna came to visit and the boys took us girls for a paddle boat ride around the lake. It was the perfect way to settle my super full stomach. We went for a few walks around the campground and watched the sunset over the lake from the top of a hill. Awwww... I even have a silhouette picture of Josh and I against the sunset with the lake in the background. Ridiculously cheesy? Yes. Adorable? Absolutely. I also ate my first hobo pie Sunday night! It was SO good! (If you've been paying attention you've realized that I did A LOT of eating over the weekend!!) It had pizza sauce, olives, ham, mushrooms, and mozzerella cheese in it. Josh cooked it for me and it was a perfectly crispy golden brown. Delicious!!

Monday we woke up and relaxed around the fire for a bit. Josh was getting restless (and felt guilty for not working on the farm that morning because he has like some adult form of ADD or something :) ) so we went for a nice long walk through the nature trails. Then after lunch we went on a horse drawn wagon ride. It was pretty bumpy but nice. The nice thing about this campground is that it's very close to a cheese factory. Josh paid a visit before I arrived on Saturday. He got pepperjack cheese curds, dill cheese, bacon cheese (how can you make cheese more unhealthy? Add some bacon!) and smoked string cheese. YUM! After we helped everyone pack up the campground we headed home, well, back to Josh's house. He mowed his lawn and I did homework napped for a little bit. Then we moved my couch and a few other things over to his house for temporary storage. By the time we got done with all of that, it was dark and Labor Day was drawing to a close. So we ordered a pizza from the party store and called it a night.

I was sad to see such a perfect, relaxing weekend come to an end because it means that school is truly back in session, summer is over, and winter is lurking around the corner. Until then, it's football season!

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Anonymous said...

What a sweet picture!! Aww, I miss my camping days. And I can't believe you never had a hobo pie! Didn't you ever come camping with us??