Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Who's Teaching Who Here?

I have lost all faith in my Geography professor. Here's why:
  • He pronounces words incorrectly. The word 'thorough' does not have an L at the end.*
  • He spells words incorrectly. If you're going to write something on the board, please know how to spell it. If you don't know how, just ask. You'll look like more of a douche if you try to pass off an incorrect spelling as a real word.*
  • He insists we print of 50+ pages of "notes" before class so we can follow along during his lecture. I use the word "notes" loosely here because they're just Powerpoints with graphs, pictures, and bulleted lists. Nothing that's not in the book, so in my opinion, why waste the paper and ink? To his credit, everything (so far) is spelled correctly.
  • He doesn't understand that when you enlarge a picture of a map from the book that the ratio scale is thrown off. Duh. Don't doubt your student's math skills until you've mastered this concept. Thanks.
  • He thinks that Lansing is NorthEAST of Grand Rapids (seriously. Not only did he say this verbally, but he also drew a map to illustrate his point.) This is the clincher. Please consult a map of Michigan (a state in which you've lived for your entire life) before trying to teach me any more about geography.
Tomorrow we're studying North America so stay tuned for more interesting "facts."

*Ok, I know I tend to care a little too much about spelling and grammar, but come on, I'm paying out the ass in tuition! I expect my instructors to have a respectable grasp of the English language.

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