Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Check and Mark

My list of things to do before December 17th is growing exponentially:
  • Get clothes ready for new consignment store downtown
  • 7pg research paper on King Lear, with 5 non-internet sources (are we living in 1998?)
  • Paper of a yet to be determined length on a yet to be determined topic for my Early Am. Lit class
  • 5 pg. research paper on how men and women describe colors differently, which requires me to create and administer a survey to no less than 10 people
  • Color and label maps for my 4th grade geography class
  • ROAD TRIP TO PA!!! (the shining beam of light in the middle of my dreary, homework filled world)
  • Study for 4 final exams, and a regular exam
  • Finish Christmas shopping
Ugh. I feel like I'm drowning already :(

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