Friday, December 4, 2009

Lesson learned... til next December

So I possibly may have a history of not dressing appropriately for weather conditions. Im sorry, but sometimes I just want to wear a skirt - I don't really care how warm or cold it is. I also enjoy wearing cute shoes regardless of the temperature outside. Last Saturday, which was the last weekend in November, I may or may not have been spotted wearing a pair of sandals with my jeans whilst shopping. They matched my new scarf! (fashion scarf, not winter scarf) Plus they're comfortable. So sue me. But alas, I digress...

Pop quiz for all you blog readers out there: What does this map mean? (I realize some of you may not have a clue, but don't worry, I'm not grading this) 

Quick answer: It turns your backyard into this overnight


Next question: What shoes are not appropriate footwear when you backyard looks like this?
Answer: These (although adorable and comfortable, they do not provide the much needed warmth. they also suck at keeping snow from touching your skin. brrrrr)

Hmm... they kind of make my feet look fat. Oh well! I guess it's time to put them away til the sun comes out!

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Melissa said...

You could do boots/uggs on your way to work and then slip those cute shoes on for the day! Your office/school has the heat on right? Then you will be warm on your way to school and still get to wear your cute shoes!