Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I know, I know. I desperately need to post some pics... unfortunately I just haven't had time to do that lately. Blame my professors, not me! If I had my way I wouldn't be writing papers and going to class; I would spend allllll my waking hours documenting my life and sharing it with all of you (don't act like you're not interested). In the mean time, I'll leave you with a little story that is sure to have you laughing (or at least saying to yourself, 'Why in the world would Ashley be blogging about this...").

So it's no secret that I often stay at Josh's house. Normally it's on the weekends, but occasionally I'll slip in the weekday sleepover. Well, I was in the kitchen preparing a 5 course meal the other day (I sincerely hope you can sense the sarcasm there) and I heard Josh calling my name. So I put the rack of lamb aside and peeked my head around the corner to see what he wanted. And I wish WISH WIIIIIISH I had a camera to share with you what I saw: Josh was wearing a pair of my lime green, lace with sparkles, Victoria's Secret underwear as a hat. Seriously. Apparently I had left a pair behind and he was kind enough to wash them for me. And then put them on his head. And showed me. He said he thought it would make me laugh. He was right.

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