Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Change in Plans

Monday I had a rough day. Maybe it was the realization that the holidays are over, maybe it was a little bit of stress about all of the things I need to get accomplished in the next two weeks, maybe it was overexhaustion... who knows. Either way, I was just kind of down. As I was leaving Josh's house to go back to my dad's house I got a phone call from Garrett asking about New Years Eve plans. Garrett had invited Josh, me, and my friend Jenna down to Royal Oak with some of his friends. The plan was to party the night away at the Royal Oak Music Theater, enjoying a live 80's band and then a DJ. Well, I misunderstood what Garrett said, and thought it was $45 per couple, which would have been an amazing deal... turns out it's actually $45 per person. After talking it over with Josh, we decided that $90 just to get into a place where we would still have to buy food and drinks, plus the 2+ hours it takes to get there, was just more than we wanted to pay. I cried. (I know, it was stupid, but I cried. Like heaving sobs of tears.) I was really disappointed that I couldn't get all dressed up and go somewhere nice. I didn't really want to schlep around at someone's house watching TV for the new year. I just wanted to do something nice with Josh. Plus I felt horrible that I wouldn't get to spend time with Jenna because I know that the next few months are going to be hell for her (One word: Accountant). As Josh and I listed all of the things we need to pay for soon (Him: school, homeowners insurance, a new drain field. Me: School.... plus the idea of not having a job in 6 months was really nagging at me) and I felt better knowing that we made the right decision. So we're going to hang out at his friend Gary's house to ring in the new year. BUT- we decided that we'll at least go out for a nice dinner. Not wanting to go 'all the way' to Grand Rapids we decided to make reservations at Flat River Grill. So we're still going to get dressed up but save some serious $$$... But we'll be together and we won't have serious guilt the next day about spending too much money. So I guess it'll be ok afterall... : )

I hope everyone has a wonderful time ringing in the New Year!

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