Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Addition

Sunday, while I was in Ohio, I got a text from Josh saying he was going to pick up a new puppy today. I was COMPLETELY surprised. We talked about getting a puppy, but it was always something we were going to do someday, not anytime in the near future. A few hours later, Josh texted me a picture of our new baby and I was completely smitten. See for yourself:

Hi, my name is Diesel. I'm a Black Lab/German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix and  I'm adorable!

This is me and my dad

My first night at home. I like to cuddle with the puppy mommy got at a rest stop in Ohio for me.

I like to take naps...

...and sleep in funny positions.

I'm precious!!

Isn't he adorable! He's pretty small, only  4-5 weeks old. The mom stopped feeding all 9 of the puppies, so they had to be weaned pretty early. He's doing really well so far! We're in the process of housebreaking him, and he seems to be catching on rather quickly. He slept through the whole night last night and was ready to play and run around this morning! I was kind of nervous about getting a dog because of my lack of time at home/Josh's house, but I'm SO glad Josh got Diesel. He's such a sweetheart... let's hope he's still just as sweet when he weighs over 100 lbs!

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