Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm back! With new puppy pics!

...and I really didn't go anywhere! I stayed in Ionia for pretty much the whole Christmas holiday, but I definitely slacked off on blogging. I was busy! I didn't take a ton of pictures at Christmas, but here are some of my favorites of Diesel as he enjoyed his first Christmas.

He loved the wrapping paper tubes when I polished off another roll

Close up!

He wanted to eat the camera... but you can see his new collar! It was supposed to go in his stocking but I got eager to give it to him early

He got into EVERYTHING I was doing... he either wanted my full attention or really likes the scent of Twilight Woods

Every time I turned around he had another scrap of paper, or ribbon, or a bow. I think he just reallllly got into the Christmas season!

Then I made him a bow out of some clearance ribbon... he was not happy about it at all. It lasted about 5 minutes before he had successfully untied it and chewed a hole

Josh's friends Brandon and Jenna were the first people to give Diesel a gift and he opened it like a pro! That gave him lots of practice for all of the gifts he received... from my mom's dogs, my dad's dogs, Josh's parents, my grandparents, and Santa, of course. He now has an overflowing basket of toys which he insists need to be out on the living room floor at all times.

Big heavy chew toy which is perfect for his puppy teeth!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!


Melissa said...

Adorable! I loved how he opened the presents. Such a cute puppy,

Anonymous said...

Hey, am I crazy or did you delete a post where you discussed your grandma's belly buttons (lol, the pickle roll thingys)?? I totally made some was gonna link to your post... where did it go..?