Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Question

Almost every Friday my boss poses a "Friday Question" to the credit analysts in our department and throughout the state, along with a few other people he throws in for good measure. The questions are usually a little off the wall, but they make us think, and they allow us to get to know one another (at least, we get to know those who choose to participate. There are quite a few stick in the mud boring people who stay silent every week). Since I'm not creative enough to put these type of questions together, I think I'm going to post my boss's Friday Question on my blog each week, in hopes that it will make my readers respond, think, and hopefully allow me to get to know some of you a little better!

Each week's question has a theme. Sometimes it's blatantly obvious, other times it's obscure. Bonus points if you can figure out the theme each week (points really mean nothing, just so you know, but it's always fun to get bonus points, right?)

Here's this week's question:
Johnny Cash, as a “gift” to his daughter one day, gave her a list of the essential 100 country songs. What is the essential list you would want to pass down to your child? As an side, Rosanne took the list and created a pretty cool cover album of classic old country songs.

Sometimes they’re hokey, and sometimes they’re pretty cool; and every once in a while there is a compilation or duet of unlikely partners that really hits the mark. The Highwaymen – Cool, Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder – a little hokey. Under Pressure was cool by Bowie and Queen and also by The Cure and My Chemical Romance. What would be your dream compilation or duet?

Clarence Thomas, Tommy Lee Jones, Gary Player

 (Oh- just to explain, usually the last part of the question is three people, places, events, etc... there's no 'right' way to answer the last one, just give your thoughts or preference, with reason of course!)

So, what do you think? I'm really excited to see who answers and what your answers are!

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