Friday, June 4, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend Recaps: Part 2 which I discuss 2 Lads winery

Last year Jenna and I drove out to 2 Lads winery just in time for their last hour of business... or so we thought. They actually closed at least an hour earlier than what their posted hours stated. We were super sad because 2 Lads is by far the most modern and cool looking out of all of the wineries on the peninsula.

This year, it was our first stop! It happens to be the northern-most winery, so it was a logical choice to start here and work our way down the peninsula, stopping at wineries along the way!

The sign welcoming you to 2 Lads!

Nice long drive to the tasting room, which is situated up on a hill...

...where this beautiful view comes from!

Their tasting room has a beautiful view of the West Bay. It's all very modern and minimalistic, with nice tables at which you can enjoy your wine.

Since they have such a limited production (7 wines compared to the 20+ at other wineries), they allow you 3 complimentary wine tastings of their choice. After that, you are free to pay to taste any other wines you like. I paired my 09 Pinot Grigio (on the right) with cheese and crackers and it was delicious! Jenna chose the sparkling 08 Pinot Grigio (I think...?) on the right

Jenna enjoying her sparkling wine

Linds and I inside the tasting room!

2 Lads is definitely different than all the other wineries on the peninsula. From their modern atmosphere to hand selected tastings, the vibe of 2 Lads stood out from all of the other wineries we visited. I loved it!

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Chris said...

Hi Ashley-
Thanks for the kind words and giving us another shot for a visit even though we blew our first chance with you. You even have links to our wines in your blog... I think I'm in love.

I'm glad you dig the place - we strive for continuity in our marketing and philosophy here at 2Lads. The top to bottom approach from innovative vineyard techniques, new-world winemaking, bold architecture right down to the funky label. It's nice to hear that people are diggin the juice!

Thanks and cheers-
Chris Baldyga
2Lads Winery