Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How much awkward can you pack into 20 minutes?

So yesterday I decide to hit up the mall after work. I am in desperate need of shorts for our upcoming mini-vacay to Cedar Point (America's Roller Coast... yay!) so I thought I could run into the mall super quick-like, buy a pair or two, and then jet on back home.

Of course, I see that Victoria's Secret still has their Semi-Annual Sale going on... so, naturally, because I'm a girl who can't resist a sale, I "quickly" pop in to peruse the pink table-bins. I make my way over to the large-chested section and find that they have the VS version of Spanx on sale! Super score for me and my upcoming date with a bridesmaid's dress! So, after much deliberation (like, seriously, about 15 minutes longer than it should have taken me to make a selection), I decide on the pair that will hopefully make it look like the calorie-laden bagels I inhale 2-3 times a week never existed.

And then I see the lady who usually makes said bagels 2-3 times a week for me.

Now, let me reiterate how unlikely it is for me to see people I know from my hometown when I'm at the mall in Grand Rapids. I live about 45 minutes away from the mall, and most people from my hometown only venture to the bigger cities on the weekends. This was a Monday night, so I figured I wouldn't see a single familiar face. Wrong.

And she recognized me and my bagel-induced need for some Spanx.

We had a friendly chat, and I found out that she no longer works at my favorite coffee/bagel place. So maybe I can show my face around there now that nobody who makes my food knows I'm trying to cover up the evidence... And I thought that would be the last of my awkward encounters.


As I'm checking out, I see one of the interns I work with. Now, he works in a town that's an additional 45 minutes away from Grand Rapids, so even though I talk to him on the phone when he's working, I haven't actually seen him since my birthday, over a month ago. (Actually, he came out to lunch with us yesterday, so that was the first time since my birthday that I had seen him... but whatever, it's practically the same thing.)

Here I am, checking out with my pseudo-spanx approximately 4 hours after he watched me wolf down some sushi. Awesome. At least I wasn't holding up a gigantic ugly bra*... because that would have been awkward.

*PS: Can I just vent for 3 seconds about how Victoria's Secret never has cute bras on sale in my size? Seriously, I'm sick of all of the D and DDs being made in white, nude, and black. Blah, gross, boring. Spice it up a little bit! And don't charge me extra because my boobs are bigger. I realize it might use a little more fabric, but doesn't it average out when you make the A sizes?

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Teresa said...

thanks for coming by my blog, i'm glad it made your day! =)
I'm a D cup too so i know how annoying it is at VS to find the same cute bras they make for the A's. I thought VS was all about curvy woman since their models are always popping out of their bras.. ?

Melissa said...

Okay...I am a very loyal Victoria Secret customer but I am thinking that I might have to to switch to something else because I have the same problems. I think I wear a really popular cup size or something because they are NEVER in stock.

Jenna said...

Yeah, the extra fabric thing is crap! They don't charge less for smaller dresses/shirts/pants/bras/etc, so why whould they charge more for bigger ones?