Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jumping on the Bandwagon... again

This time it's the Emily Giffen bandwagon. Um, ok. Why am I just NOW reading my first of her novels? I find this to be a tad ridiculous on my part because a) I've seen her books at Barnes & Noble for years now and have not even attempted to pick one up, b) I've heard raving reviews of her books for a few years now and have not even attempted to pick one up, and c) I've read raving reviews of her books on various blogs and have not even attempted to pick one up. To sum it up, I'm pathetic.

I had no idea what I was missing, even though every time I've heard of Emily Giffen, it was in praise of her amazing books. I'll be honest, the reason I shyed away from her books was because I thought it was just going to be average, formulaic chick-lit, with static characters and a predictible plot. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but lately I've been trying to read some 'deeper' stuff (whatever that means). Last week, for whatever reason, I felt compelled to read one of her books.

Luckily for me, our library's lack of selection made my choice easy: Something Blue it was!

I'm not going to go into a detailed plot summary, but before you read this, just know that it also has a prequel. Had I done my homework, I would have realized that myself. Oh well... I don't think it's necessary to read the first book, Something Borrowed, to understand this book. I'm planning on reading Something Borrowed soon, but I'm not sure if I've ruined it for myself, having read Something Blue first (Opinions... anyone?).

Giffen is a great storyteller, and I didn't find her characters static at all. On the contrary, I actually loved this book because the characters are so relatable and flawed; it made them seem realistic. I highly recommend this book to anyone out there! Don't turn your nose up at it like I did - you'll be missing out on a great author.

I've got Something Borrowed on hold at the library, and I'm going to pick up Love the One You're With tonight. Add Emily Giffen to my ever-growing lists of obsessions!

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Carrie said...

I may have to try her books. I love hearing your suggestions!

Melissa said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Emily Giffin. Something Borrowed is still my favorite and I don't know that Something Blue really ruins it because they Rachel and Dex sleep together in the first chapter- its more about how they handle it that's entertaining.