Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pardon the Interruption...

...of my winery weekend recaps.

Yesterday I went to an all day meeting about PI. If you've never heard of PI, it stands for Predictive Index, and it's a way to measure the way a person makes decisions, is motivated, processes information, etc... Our company requires all employees to take the PI survey in order to gain a little information about how to best work with that person. Until yesterday, these reports were kept secretively hidden because nobody knew how to interpret the results. At the meeting yesterday, I was given a copy of my PI results, along with indices for all of the lenders I work with. It was SO MUCH FUN to figure out what drives and motivates me, and to understand why I get along with certain lenders as opposed to others.

So, what did I find out:
I am a Lowest A, High B, Highest, C, and High D.

It looks a little bit like this
The B and D drives are right on my "norm" line, but tend to pull to the high side

What does that mean? (this is the super quick summary version)
Lowest A: I'm team oriented, accommodatng to others, and minimize conflict

High B: I need external responses to my ideas and talking, I need a heads up on things, and I verbalize ideas. This means that I need a lot of people interaction, positive encouragement, and personal recognition in order to be motivated (I sound a little high maintenance...)

Highest C: I am sequential, focused, patient, and like minimal pressure (I found this interesting since I'm a huge procrastinator and tend to take on multiple tasks at once. But I did just begin making lists and feel much more calm when I complete the list in order... I took this survey in 2004 and it's telling me things I just realized about myself within the last year!) I am motivated by knowing the 'plan' and the steps that need to be taken to complete the plan. I am also motivated by affiliation, which means that I work best when people acknowledge me as a person. This is SO true and explains why I get along with lenders who chat with me better than the ones who just slap shit on my desk for me to do!

High D: I like details and proof, structure, and I'm 'black and white' when it comes to rules. While I'm not very detail-oriented in my own work, I do like having all the details about certain things I'm working on. I need clear expectations of work, peformance feedback, and fairness across the board to motivate me.

I thought this meeting was SO informative and fun - I'm even having Josh take it so we can compare results and hopefully understand each other better!


Brenda said...

I want to take the survey also...

Carrie said...

Me too :)

Melissa said...

That is super interesting and nice that your company provides you that information. Smart!

Garrett said...

dont forget you are a low E when you drink.