Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend Recaps: Part 1

Ok, so you saw a few teasers from my weekend... Well, thanks to Jenna and the wonders of Photobucket (which is super slow at uploading photos and continues to freeze Internet Explorer here at work [possibly because I'm still working from IE6(!!!) because we're a little behind the times here in Podunkville, USA]), I have the first of my recap posts! In this recap I will cover the ride up to Traverse City - which was almost as fun as the wine tastings!

One thing that Jenna and Lindsey did was help me document the trip in pictures. My camera's charger is a bit of a loose cannon and although my camera says it's fully charged, it rarely is. So, these two crazy girls stepped up to the plate and took lotsa pics for me to show all of you!

Oh, a bit of a side story: We had planned on leaving at 9:00am SHARP, which, for those of you who know my darling friend, Jenna, know that 9:00am SHARP usually means around 9:15 or 9:20... So, we decided that I would drive, and my sister met me at Josh's (our?) house while we waited for Jenna. At about 9:10 I texted Jenna to let her know that we were ready...(my nice way to say WhereTF are you?) To which she replied: I'm ready, too! Are you here?

cue the confused look on my face...

In all of the traumatic suspense from the day before, we neglected to set up plans on who was meeting where and at what time. Jenna thought I was picking her up, and I thought she was meeting us at my house! Oops! So... we got a bit of a delayed start after meeting at a gas station half way between our houses. However, that little turn of fate put us kinda on track to pass by Sozo Coffee... which is practically my home away from home. Mmmm delicious bagels made from scratch? Yes, please!. So... after a breakfast stop we were finally on our way!!

See our happy faces at the prospect of being on the road:

Me! The Driver (looking ever-so-cheesey)

My sister Lindsey, holding down the fort in the back seat

and Jenna, the self-portrait queen

On the way there and back, we treated ourselves to the hilarious Chelsea  Handler, as she read her book (on CD) Are You There Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea

So funny, yet so inappropriate at the same time. It seemed like every time there was a lull in our conversation, Chelsea would be there, filling it with vulgarities. So much fun!

Next stop: Wine Country!

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Melissa said...

I almost bought Chelsea Handler's book today! Can't wait to hear more about your vacation!