Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Feel the Earth Move...

So, about half an hour ago, I was sitting here in my cubicle, counting down the days until I'm done, and trying to avoid work as much as possible. Then, I thought I felt our building move... It was really strange. It almost felt like a bad dizzy spell, or like someone on the floor above me was moving some heavy stuff around. However, there isn't a floor above me. Hmmmm, odd.

So, I asked if anyone else felt it. Nope. And they pretty much looked at me like I was crazy. I chalked it up to a temporary dizzy spell, or the onset of vertigo, or my mind going crazy on me.

Then one of my coworkers got a call from her daughter, who works in Grand Rapids, who also felt it. And then people started getting texts from other people who felt it (not me though, I'm still the crazy one here).

It turns out, there was a 5.5 earthquake in Quebec and it was felt in Grand Rapids (and little ole Ionia, too, apparently)! I'm not crazy, dizzy, or losing my mind (at least not according to this episode).

Whew... I survived my first earthquake. It was touch-and-go there for a moment.

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Melissa said...

Jealous! I always wanted to be in a non life threatening or too scary earthquake! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by [Life of Meg], so very happy to have you!

Cute blog!