Monday, November 16, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa*,
I realize I may not have made it onto the nice list this year, but please, under no circumstance, do not fill my stocking with this atrocity that I saw at Meijer yesterday:

You see, I have a fear of designer imposter perfume. Ever since I begged for my stepsister's hand-me-down "If you like Calvin Klein's Eternity, you'll love our [synonym for eternity]" and upon receipt, realized that although I did love Eternity, I did not love the imposter version. I realized my faux pas of coveting fake perfume when Cher in Clueless accused Amber of wearing Designer Imposter perfume. If Cher did not endorse it, it wasn't for me! (Also, if a product has the name 'Sexy Thang' it's a pretty safe bet that it does not belong in my stocking.) 

Instead, please bring me lots and lots of this and I'll promise to make it onto the nice list next year:

Josh and I bought a couple of bottles of Fruli beer from the Bavarian Inn when we were in Frankenmuth. We finally drank it this weekend and I was in love! I like beer, but tend to shy away from fruity beers. However, this is a true exception. It's made with 30% real strawberry juice and is like 9% alcohol or something wonderful like that. It's sweet, but not too sweet that I couldn't drink my way through the better part of a 6-pack...not that I'm an alcoholic, just sayin'.(This goes without saying Santa, since you see me when I'm sleeping and awake and all that creepy stuff... but if a product contains alcohol and fruit, there's a good chance it definitely belongs in my stocking.) 

I realize I'm just a tad bit too old to be mailing Christmas lists to the North Pole, so Santa, if you could just subscribe to this here little blog, we could save some time and paper (think green!). I'll continue to update you on what does and does not belong in my Christmas stocking (mine is the one with the snowman, not the glittery reindeer. Kthanks!).

Yours truly,

*I lied. Apparently I am going to talk about Christmas before Thanksgiving. So sorry

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Anonymous said...

LOLLLL "Sexy Thang"! That beer sounds really good. Wayne thinks I'm nuts for taking pictures of food, but what do they know? Keep taking random pics!!