Friday, November 6, 2009

MSU Tailgate!

I don't know what it is about tailgating, but I love it. Now, when I go to MSU with Jenna, we rarely stay in one place. In fact, we usually don't make it to all of the tailgates we want to visit! This year I accompanied Jenna to the MSU v. Iowa game on October 24th. It was COLD and RAINY but we had SO much fun! (ok, no more caps lock for me) 

We started the day meeting for sushi at Sushi Ya - our favorite place to eat in East Lansing! Garrett ended up joining us, but as you can see below, he was grumpy the whole time.

 My head looks enormous for some reason...

Pure delicious - so much sushi they brought it out on a boat!

Kasey's tailgate! This was before the rain started

The St. Julian's Riesling - straight from a styro cup. Classy!

A little rain-soaked, celebrating Jessie's 25th!

Jessie taught us a new game called Slap the Bag... where you drink straight from a bag of wine (taken from a Franzia box, and the classiness continues) and then slap it when you're done. Lots of fun! Oh - and Jessie had the STRONGEST jello shots I've ever had! They helped take the edge off the cold : ) Please note our adorable face tattoos, by the way.

Even though State had a pretty shocking and disappointing loss, we had a great time tailgating!

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