Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dream Job... (aka - Wedding Spotlight Wednesday)

Ok, so my dream job just opened up*....

Abby Larson, of Style Me Pretty fame, is hiring! Seriously, how can looking at goregous weddings all day long be considered work? I pretty much look at weddings all day when I'm supposed to be doing my real job. Oops! Anyways, here are a few things I'm currently in love with in the wedding realm:

This palette:

It's cool and breezy and just feels relaxing. I love it.  From A Creative Mint via Darcy at With this Ring.

Boys in khaki - it echos the laid back, refreshing feel and doesn't look too stuffy (not that tuxes are stuffy) for an outdoor wedding. From Snippet & Ink

Lighted paper pennant garland. Pure whimsy and a total DIY project! From Anna at oncewed.

Long wooden tables with handmade runners... and lots of candles and flowers. Yeah, I'm definitely in a whimsy mood! I just love the look of this table! Sophisticated without being pretentious. From The Budget Savvy Bride.

*Ok, I know I just spent the previous post blabbering on and on about how scared I am of grad school. For my teaching degree. I fully intend on becoming a teacher and have no plans of running off and planning weddings all day long. I could never do it; I'm much too unorganized and opinionated. But I still love to look at weddings. Maybe a wedding related job could put me through grad school.... ;)

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