Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Obligatory 'What I'm Thankful For' Post

I'm sure I would seem like an ungrateful brat if I didn't post about the things I'm thankful for on Thanksgiving. So, here goes:
  • I'm thankful that Josh and I are having problems trying to figure out when and where we're going to be tomorrow. I realize that sounds a little backwards, but if we didn't have one another, and if we each didn't have huge families that we love to spend time with, we would be much less fortunate.
  • I'm thankful that I'm torn between which stores to hit up for doorbuster deals tomorrow. Again, I know that's a little backwards, but it means that I have a long list of people I love to buy gifts for, and a pocketbook that can handle the purchases.
  • Along the same lines, I'm thankful that although the company I work for is a huge pain in my ass most of the time, they take the time to adopt 10 families for Christmas. I'm thankful I have the resources to make a child's Christmas season a little brighter (I realize that's a little Hallmark-ish, but it's that time of year and I loooooove buying gifts for people! So up yours Scrooge!)
  • And, as much as I dread going to work everyday, I'm VERY thankful that my company has allowed me to continue working for them as I pursue my teaching degree, especially because this degree does not benefit my company in any way.
  • Last but not least, I'm so very thankful that I do not work in retail! (I've NEVER worked on Black Friday, ever, and I'm not about to change that now!)
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! In the words of one of my favorite customers from my days as a bank teller, "Go EAT that big turk-ay!"

Amanda: Remember the slew of Mrs. Ranger songs for Thanksgiving? The Three Turkey Gobblers, anyone?


Anonymous said...

hahahaha aww good ole Mrs. Ranger! gotta love the K songs (or whatever it was called), the BLT song (bacon, lettuce, tom-a-to, yum-yum, yum-yum, yum! of course i would remember a food song...), and the UofM / MSU fight song battles! i always loved that one about the siamese cat or something... aahhh what was it...

Anonymous said...

i KNEW you would remember the name of that song! i don't, however, remember anything about a solar penis!!!!!! LOLLLL.