Thursday, November 12, 2009

....Saving money sucks I justify it as Christmas shopping. It's ridiculous how happy I get after I shop, even if I don't buy something for myself (but who am I kidding? I always buy a little something for myself!) I've decided to consciously start saving more money. This means cutting out the 'little things' that eat up my disposable income. I spend a lot of money on food, which is pretty stupid. So I've started clipping coupons and buying things in larger packages to leave at work for breakfast and lunch. This also means that I actually need to eat the food I buy and bring to work. When I leave for class on Tuesday and Thursday it's SO easy to just plan a quick trip to Subway instead of eating what I've got in the freezer. I'm putting a stop to that!! I'm also trying to save money on entertainment. Josh and I are using free movie coupons this weekend and we're going to try to eat at his place more instead of eating out.

So where am I going with this? I'm having a teeny, tiny, itty bitty twinge of guilt after last night. Josh's cousin Amy had a Lia Sophia party (and I have an uncontrollable weakness for that jewelry) and I spent more than I should have. But (and there's always a but!) I got 2 Christmas presents, one for my Aunt Lisa and one for Josh's sister, Ashley. And of course I got something for myself!

Beaujolais - for me :)

Out to Sea (the necklace only) for my Aunt Lisa

Wired - earrings and necklace for Josh's sister Ashley
(all images courtesy of Lia Sophia)

I also got myself a plain pair of gold hoops to go with my new necklace because it's got some gold in it and I'm a silver girl! I just love Lia Sophia jewelry. I'm actually contemplating selling it while I'm in school next year. I'm a little apprehensive because it seems like there are a TON of people selling it already. Just one more thing for me to think about!!

ETA: Ohhh I almost forgot!! I also won a pair of earrings last night! They're retired, so I can't find a picture of them, but here's my try at a description: They're dangly, with 5 circular stones stacked on top of one another (similar to a Journey necklace) and the stones are white, light blue, and dark blue. They're SO pretty and I'm wearing them today. I was super excited!

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