Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Good News/Bad News

Yesterday I had an appointment with a counselor at GVSU to make sure that I'll have my major and minor complete in time to start the Graduate Teacher Certification program next summer (June 28th!!). During this meeting I had a few surprises. First of all, I was happy to learn that I don't need to take a class that I've scheduled for next semester. It's Psychology of Learning and it's a prereq for entering the College of Ed. if you're doing the undergrad program. That was the good news, and I was ecstatic for approximately 3 seconds. Then I realized that I didn't need to take the other 5 CLASSES I've already TAKEN that are prereqs for the College of Ed. Basically, the whole first summer of classes I took mean nothing now. Oh well... I was looking for a way to get rid of that pesky $4,000+ in my savings account (sarcasm, anyone?).

So I'm trying to look on the bright side and not think about the $4K that went right down the drain. At least I'm one class closer to being done, right? Right?? *sigh*

On the plus side, only 7 months and 10 days until I leave this:

For this:

Check out that diversity! Except, my students will have big smiles on their brown, orange, blue, green, and yellow faces, obvs.

In an unrelated note, I got a comment from a co-worker today and I was unsure how to take it. Today I'm wearing a sheath dress with a cardigan and my knee-high boots (it looks classy, I promise). Coworker came over to my cube and chatted with me for a few minute earlier this morning. Then, I walked over to where Coworker sits to ask him a question. He says, "Woah. You're in a dress." like I've never worn a dress in my life (which I have, about every other week at least), or like it was against all things holy for me to not wear pants. I replied with some snarky remark and a dirty look (I'm just guessing I gave him a dirty look... I tend to do that when people say stupid things. Character flaw?). Coworker then responded, "It just threw me off that you're in a dress." WTF? I don't get it...

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