Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Finds

I've been scouring Etsy again...(big surprise, I know) and I found a few little things that I'm adding to my Christmas list. So, if you're planning on buying me a gift (and you should be) take notes:

Sarcastic cards- love them. Go to the Neat Things shop and check out the rest of the snarky collection

An initial wax stamp necklace from Happy Go Licky. Perfect for those days when I don't feel like wearing obnoxiously clunky jewelry (doesn't happen all that often, but maybe if I had something cute like this it would!)

I'm quickly becoming obsessed with Kristine Mays wire letters. These are approximately 4"x6", but she takes custom orders up to 12" - I'm already picturing them on my bookshelf.

O.M.G. I want this. Right now. Soooo bad. Yeah, I realize its $89, but what's $89 between friends, right? First of all, I love the 3 x 3 block style. Secondly, Moulin Rouge is one of my favorite movies. Thirdly, this color palette is lovely. I suppose I'd settle for the smaller print, too:

Both are done by SuzannaAnna and she takes custom orders, too!

Go over to Etsy and start making a Christmas list of your own! (and yes, I realize it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but it's never too early to make a Christmas list!)


Meagan with an A said...

thanks for the comment on my blog! : )

BLC :o said...

I am Etsy obsessed! Eeek. Xoxo-BLC

Just Add Walter said...

I love Etsy too!! I could spend hours and hours on there!